West Virginia Payday Loans

In the case of West Virginia payday loans there are no comprehensive laws in place. West Virginia payday loans do not have a legal status. In other states you generally get loans from the financial institutions which are mostly companies. Since payday loans are not legal in West Virginia. There are not any payday lending companies operating legally in West Virginia. People however, get this loan facility from a neighboring state i.e. Virginia.

West Virginia Lending Overview

Payday loans are legal in Virginia. And the internet seems the best source where you can apply for West Virginia payday loans and keep a track of all of your borrowing activities. It makes the whole process easy. Unlike the laws in any other countries the state of West Virginia payday loans the law absolutely silent. They do not provide anything regarding the minimum or maximum amount of loan that can be borrowed as a payday loan.

West Virginia Payday Loans

The state law is silent on the amount of interest that can be charged on payday loans. West Virginia Payday Loans offer up to $1000 cash loans. Poor Credit OK, just apply online. No fax document. Instant approval. Get Cash by Tomorrow. Act Now

West Virginia Payday Loans Reviews & Laws


Nothing that relates to rolling over is provided anywhere in any West Virginia payday loans. Rolling over is, as we all know, the loan renewal process whereby you have to pay the fees again without paying the principal amount. In short, since payday lending does not have a legal status, anything related to it is not recognized at all in the state of West Virginia. The governing law will be that of the company whose online payday loan you undertake to choose.

You are suggested to be cautious and make possible a market study. It should before choosing any payday loan store. However, the state does not prohibit other borrowing. And lending activities like, credit cards, personal loans, debt consolidation etc.